Friday, August 10, 2012

Funny Fullforms of Some Common Words

USA = Unsatisfied Aunty !
RIP-Remain In Place
WIFE -Wonderful Instrument For Exploring
SON - Solution For Nothing
VIP-Very Idiotic Person
AOL-American Old Ladies
ARMY- Aren't Really Men Yet
ASAP- As Slow As Possible
ATP- All Tomorrows Party
BAR- Buy A Rum
BBC- Bloody Broadcasting Company
COLLEGE- Come One Lets Love Every Girl Equally
SORRY- Some One Rapidly Raped Yo
SIP - Sad & Idiot Person
MBA - Member of Bhikari Association
NRN - Non Reliable Nepalese OR
            Na Rahyo Nepali
B.A. - Bachelor Again
M.A. - Married Again
B.B.A. - Being Bhikhari Again
C.A. - Complicated Account
B.B.S. - Being Bhikhari Slowly

If you know others Please add them in comment.


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