Monday, December 21, 2009

Nepal Banda for Civilian Supremacy Dec 21 2009(2066/09/06) By Maoist

Who Will Make This?? : Damaged wall fence during the movement of Unified Maoist, who will make this civil or leader of U.Maoist or the Government, who???

Is This Civilian Supremacy ??: Tourist bus in front of parliament of Nepal during the Nepal Banda .

Whose Supremacy Is This? : Motors of various INGOs During the Nepal Banda traveling through 'Baneshwor Chowk'.

IOM Supremacy : Motor of IOM, going to Baneshwor Chowk when other civil (people) were walking in the road.

Leg Supremacy : People walking to their destination during banda by U.Maoist. Is this their Civilian Supremacy?

Who is doing this for whom? : Ash of burn Tyre and the pieces of bricks used by U.Maoist activist during Banda for civilian supremacy.

Civil or activists : Some civil watching the U.Maoist activists and the gambling activists.

Condition of Road During Nepal Banda : ash of Tyre and Pieces of bricks in the road during Banda.

What are we doing, why : U.Maoist activist gambling in Baneshwor Chowk to start the movement.

Star Supremacy : U.Maoist activist Wearing the flag clothes to stay warm in morning at Baneshwor Chowk.

Are they the Traffic : U.Maoist activists saying their slogan against government staying at Traffic police beat.

Police Supremacy : Police watching the activities of U.Maoist activists in Baneshwor Chowk.

Black Topped Road by Ash and Dust of Tyre : Road of Baneshwor area.

Black Topped Road by Ash and Dust of Tyre : Road of Baneshwor area in front of Parliament of Nepal.


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